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Day 13: Homemade Holiday Giving – Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

This sugar cookie has been in my repertoire for over 20 years. I use it for every occasion and every holiday through out the year and the best part of this recipe (aside from being quick and easy) it freezes well. If you roll, cut, and flash freeze the cookies they can be baked the […]

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Day 12: Homemade Holiday Giving – Chocolate Crinkle “Crack” Cookies

I have made a lot of crackle cookies in my day, but there are none that can hold a candle to these. They are not too sweet and freeze really, really well. I can’t make these as often as I want to because I simply cannot control myself. #NoWillPower. Chocolate Crackle Cookie

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Day 10: Homemade Holiday Giving – Dark Chocolate Mocha Rocky Road Fudge

Fudge. I really don’t know anyone that doesn’t like it. And it is always well received. No baking required and can all be done in one bowl! Rocky Road Dark Chocolate Fudge

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Almond Date Truffles (Vegan)

I have been in the kitchen non stop since before Thanksgiving. Baking, creating, cooking, organizing, and eating. After baking thousands of cookies, bars, making candy, and teacakes, for holiday gifting, believe it or not, I ran out of stuff. I still had several on my list that I could not neglect, yet the idea of […]

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Appreciation, Gratitude, + Cake in a Jar

I am blessed. My kids are blessed and we, as a family are fortunate and grateful. Grateful to live in the community that we live in. Fortunate to have our local, public, charter school inhabit wonderful families, creative and developmental learning, and the best of the best teachers.

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