Honey Spiced Madeleines + French Friday’s with Dorie

September 23, 2011

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My friends over at French Friday’s with Dorie have been cooking up some amazing dishes and I have, sadly, missed the party.  It has been a whirlwind, these past two months and my normal routine flew out the window.

Well, now I am back.  And I have a lot of catching up to do. I missed the Corn Soup, Cafe Salle Pleyel Hamburger, Creamy-Cheesy-Garlicky Rice w/Spinach and so much more.  I have read so many of the posts and I am certain that I am going to have to infuse some of these recipes into my weekly meal plan.

Today’s recipe could not have come at a better time.  This coming Wednesday is the beginning Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year. It is a time to reflect, make resolutions, and plan a better life for the coming year. Foods that we eat during Rosh Hashanah includes apples and honey to symbolize a sweet new year. So Dorie’s Honey Spiced Madeleines are the perfect way to say S’hana Tova – Happy New Year to those of you celebrating embracing this joyous holiday.

Next time I will double the recipe as 12 madeleines disappeared before I washed the madeleine pan.  They are that good!

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