Deliciously Organic + Carrot Souffle

January 17, 2011

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It was almost a year ago that I attended my first ever food blogging seminar hosted by Food Blog Forum, here in Los Angeles.  Knowing no one in the food blogging community, I went by myself hoping to learn more about what it really takes to create a good blog.  Not only did I learn about SEO(never heard this term before), creating your photographic “thumbnails”, and how to drive “traffic” to your blog, I was introduced to a whole new world of creative, like-minded people.

It was on this day that I met Carrie Vitt from Deliciously Organic.  Lucky for me, she sat behind me and me being eager to meet new people, I introduced myself. I was instantly attracted to Carrie, because she is one of those rare individuals who knows exactly who she is.  She doesn’t tell you what you want to be told, she doesn’t judge you for being who you are, and although she has a lifestyle that she lives by, she doesn’t preach that her philosophy is the ONLY way to be.  From that first meeting, I knew Carrie and I would be friends.

In recent years, Carrie has had some health issues.  She searched for alternative ways to heal herself through food and diet and it is this life changing experience that has brought Carrie to where she is today. Carrie is a huge source of inspiration for me.  My conversations with Carrie are always rich, filled with information that makes me want to alter various aspects of my diet and how I feed my family. When I am with her, I carry around a note pad and a pen. She finds it humorous, but I simply don’t want to miss anything she has to say as she always has something valuable to share.  After spending 5 days with Carrie in Mexico last week at Food Blog Camp, I am more thoughtful on how I want to be preparing my meals and the ingredients that I want to be using.  You all know that I am a white sugar, white flour kind of gal.  Over time, I am going to be changing that; one cookie at a time!

Carrie’s new book, Deliciously Organic, is not just a book full of recipes.  It is a tale about her  journey, her story and it is her story that will make you think of how you want to stock your pantry.  I have been cooking from Carrie’s blog since I met her and everything I have made has been wholesome, delicious, while combining flavors that my kids devour.  I am now obsessed with the book.  I have made about 5 recipes from the book, but the one that stands out the most is her carrot souffle.  Although this recipe is on her blog, the recipe in the book reflects more of where Carrie is today (from a dietary perspective) using whole grains and organic ingredients.  This recipe is xeroxed and neatly placed in the vegetable section of my “everyday meals binder”.  This is a winner and will be made over and over again.

Thank you Carrie for sharing your story.  Yet, mostly I want to thank you for your honesty, your humor, and your friendship!
You can buy Deliciously Organic here

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