Cake Pops

June 23, 2010

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I swore I would never make these.  Although I think they are super cute, especially if you see the way Bakerella does it.  I went back on my promise to myself and did in fact make them.  I have shared with you my week last week…end of year stuff, party after party, baked until I could bake no more.  I thought I was done and then I realized I needed something for a bunch of 4 year olds; Levi’s party, the “Ducky” class.  They had requested cupcakes.  At this point I was really, really tired, totally burnt out and in my mind, done.  At some odd moment in time I got a burst of energy and decided to do something a little different…thus – Cake Pops.

Before I started I did a little research.  I read several posts on Bakerella, searched Tastespotting to see how other blogger/bakers (found a good how to on These Peas are Hallow ) had done it and lastly, checked out Angie Dudley’s how to video on Martha Stewart.  Watching the video helped.  Regardless, I over mixed my batter resulting in a very wet batter.  These were for 4 year olds, after all.  They were not going to notice.  After shaping the dough into balls, I stuck them in the freezer, overnight.  All worked out in the end.  Everyone loved them and kept telling me “how delicious” they were!  I thought they tasted like cake batter on a stick.  But then again, I am not FOUR!

I am not going to post the directions only because, her website tells you exactly how to do it.  I changed one thing, which in hindsight I wouldn’t do again; I made my own butter cream frosting to mix in.  Follow hers directly.  The idea of using a box mix made me a little uneasy.  I had to keep reminding myself who I was baking these for!
Get all info here:
P.S. I made a batch for Eli’s 6th grade picnic.  They all went crazy over them as well and also said they were “delicious”.  Heck, what do I know??

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