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Homemade Korean Beef Rice Balls are easy, relish, and gluten free! | @Susan Salzman

After school snacks are a full on meal in our house. If I am being totally and completely honest here, there are days when I dread that 3 o’clock hour. I am simply not ready to be the chauffeur, chef, dishwasher, homework tutor, and referee. But, then reality sets in and I get back to the business at hand; servicing my kids every need. Sigh….

These Korean Rice Ball molds can be found in most asian markets - get one ASAP  | @Susan Salzman

One of our favorite snacks was inspired by my friend, Woo Jung(her son Asaph is one of Isaac’s buddies). She is from Korea and is an AWESOME cook. Watching her whip up homemade potstickers, Korean beef, sushi, and miso soup looks easy (so not easy). One of the tips she shared with me is when making the mixture for the beef,  separate the beef into 4 ounce portions, and freeze each portion in zip loc bags. These four ounce portions are the perfect amount of beef for an afternoon snack.

Homemade Cucumber Sushi - Our favorite afterschool snack   | @Susan SalzmanLevi “likes” the Korean beef balls, but prefers a cucumber sushi roll (or two). It’s also a favorite meal for the lunch box.

Homemade cucumber sushi is a household favorite | @Susan SalzmanAnd Levi is getting darn good at rolling his own sushi. Pretty, right?!

Levi loves making homemade sushi - and he's getting good at "rolling" them   | @Susan SalzmanSushi, believe it or not, is a simple and easy snack, lunch, or even light dinner. Levi likes his with cucumber and my other boys like it with tuna tartare. What’s your favorite sushi roll? Please share – I am running out of ideas!

A busy week and a weeks worth of meals:

Sunday: 9/20/2014 (this menu is for lunch)
Korean Rice Balls
Cucumber Sushi
Miso Soup(no mushrooms, no eggs)

Monday: 9/21/14
Vegetarian Slow Cooker Black Beans (This is one of my new favorite recipes)
Carne Asada
Pickled Red Cabbage

Tuesday: 9/22/14
Pasta Puttanesca with Chicken
Caesar Salad

Wednesday: 9/23/24
Burritos (using up black beans from Monday and chicken from Tuesday)
Shredded lettuce salad with sliced beets, feta, and this dressing (I love this dressing and use for marinades and everything in between).

Thursday: 9/24/14
Italian Wedding Soup (defrosting pre-made meatballs from the freezer)
Frisee Salad (no egg tonight)

Friday: 9/25/14
Clare’s Brisket
Carrot Souffle
Roasted Asparagus

Korean Beef Rice Balls

1 pound organic, grass fed ground beef
4 Tablespoons wheat free tamari
3 Tablespoons raw honey
1 garlic cloves pressed through a garlic press
1 teaspoon Mirin
1 teaspoon Sake
1 Tablespoon sesame seed
1 teaspoon ground, black pepper
cooked sushi rice

• in a glass bowls, combine all ingredients except the meat. mix well.
• add meat and mix to coat all the meat.
• cover bowl and let marinate for at least an hour and up to eight hours.
• divide meat into four 4 ounce portions. place three of the portions into 3 ziploc bags. place in the freezer.
• heat a small cast iron skillet. add a teaspoon of sunflower oil. saute the fourth portion of meat until the meat is no longer pink. about 4 minutes.
• combine meat with 1 to 1 1/2 cups cooked sushi rice. add avocado or cucumber (optional) and place some of the mixture into these triangle molds. repeat until the mixture is used up.


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